Available Services




 $2.00 per call 

Signup today for Advanced Call Forwarding, our premier service for both growing and established companies.  What this does is defects the numerous calls you receive to one of our specialist who will handle the callers basic needs, answer questions, or even pass along messages to you as needed.  If agents are busy, these calls will go into a professional queue and after hours callers are prompted to leave a callback number or voicemail.  Calls & voicemails are deducted from a prepaid retainer, so you only pay for the calls we answer for you. After you fill your retainer you will be directed on how to setup you call-forwarding.


$19.99 per month

You may have some of your Features (activities, tours, lodging, etc.) which you would like us to promote to everyday callers.  This could be someone calling into our general reservation line, your forwarded line, or even another companies line during a cross-sale (i.e. when a guest calls for a vacation rental, and also asks to book a rafting trip or vice versa).  With Promoted Features, your Feature is moved up in the listing and will be checked for availability more often.


 $275* per month

In addition to the Advanced Call Forwarding, you may feel like you still need a hand. Maybe you want someone else to oversee changes to your reservations, who can verify specific information, and to handle cancellations.  To learn more, request to talk to a representative about our Premium Reservation package which includes:

  • A personal point of contact & specialist for your company
  • The ability to advertise promotions
  • Feature monitoring & updating
  • Rotating banner space
  • A direct link to your site on gotoyellowstone.com, and goadrift.com

Not everyone's booking system is compatible with ours, so if this is what you are looking for, please request a consultation by clicking below.

* Prices vary depending on the number of Features possessed.



We are currently working on a number of other services to provide.  Feel free to contact us to learn more:

Custom Call Center Menu(s) - By default the call-forwarding goes directly into our calling queue.  However, you can customize your guest's interaction by adding custom menus and vociemail.

Project Assistance - Need help producing fliers, brochures, or just a functional spreadsheet?  Shoot us a message with an outline of what you need!

Web Design - Want to build or enhance your website?  Talk with our specialists about what we can do for you!

Company Advertisement - COMING SOON we will have banner and promotional space available.  Feel free to let us know that you'll be interested!

Call Forwarding

Sometimes the phone just wont stop ringing, and usually it is at just the wrong moment like when you are just trying to get that long list of task done. We’ve all been there, and we understand the necessity of having a knowledgeable and capable person to take these calls. Someone who knows the area, can answer random questions about your facility, or just take a message and e-mail it to you. Our specialists are just that type of person, and we are always working to improve our database so we can tackle the calls you need us to.

So whether you are too involved in running your operation or you are trying to take a month off from working to recoup, in our industry you sometimes just need someone else to answer the phone. Sign up for free today to see what we can offer you.

Promote Features

Do you have a lunch box service that is under appreciated, a zip-line tour that could use more traffc, or maybe a shuttle to the airport that would draw more people in? Even if you are not currently using the Call Forwarding, you can still promote your features with us.

When someone calls in, we always will handle their main concerns. After that we’ll see if there is something else we can help them with. With your Promoted Features your activity, tour, lodging, or dining could be at the top of this lists. We will check it more often for availability, advertise it to callers, and aim to optimize its appeal. By promoting you Features we want to get the word out there that you have something unique, bringing more people to your door, and increasing your day to day success.

Please be aware that once you login, and even without this subscription, you can create as many Features as you like. After we have checked our Promoted Features, we will then look through the ones that aren’t.

Reservation Line

In addition to our Call Forwarding, you may find yourself tied up by the day to day reservations of your facility. This could be someone calling to change their dates, asking for special requests, or just to cancel. If you find yourself wanting to deflect these duties, then we’d be happy to step in and help.

Due to many uncertainties, your booking system may not be compatible with ours. Contact Us today to get a consultation. After we have evaluated your booking system, we’ll then be able to determine if we can help.

Additional Services

After setting up your call-forwarding, you can also customize your caller’s experience. You can setup a menu to describe your cancellation policy, hours of operation, forwarding to a specific department or alternative phone line, or a personalized voicemail for personal calls. To do this, be sure to choose Other Services under Membership Actions

As we are still developing we have numerous other services we hope to provide. Whether it is helping you complete a project, develop new resources, or optimize a website. Feel free to Contact Us if you have something in mind you need help with, and we’ll see if we can be of assistance.