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Our main priority is to assist guests coming to the the National Parks while maximizing their enjoyment of the Parks and their features.  To do this, we also aid local businesses by providing the most accurate information possible to their customers through continual data collection of their organization.


Please keep in mind that GoAdrift Travel is not owned by or directly affiliated with the National Park Service, or any lodging or touring entity within or around Yellowstone. We are solely a booking agency dedicated to help clients have accurate information and provide the resources you need to have a pleasant stay in Yellowstone. Due to this, we can not guarantee that the services provided by companies that are booked for you will be acceptable every time. Requests for refunds due to inconsistent service of an outside company should be lodged with that companies management. We will be happy to either relay any messages or try to get you in touch with those companies.

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Please feel free to review our Terms and Conditions, and be aware that they may change without notice.